Friday 22 June 2012

How do you feel about mobile payments?

Have you installed Barclays Pingit, do you have the PayPal mobile app to make payments on the go? Or you a traditional ATM and cash, or credit card only customer?

If you attended a small market or fair type event and the trader didn't accept card payment but could take cash, or an electronic method like Pingit or PayPal, would you walk to the nearest ATM (and maybe pay a fee), use the electronic method, or just walk away and not make the purchase?

A lot of people know about PayPal for online payment, so if you ask, you never know, a trader might accept it.

And Pingit isn't just for Barclays customers. If you have a UK bank account, and a suitable phone/tablet with the right Barclays software, you can send and receive money very quickly, after going through the required setup process to confirm your phone, your address, and your bank account.

If you have any opinions on mobile payment systems, let me know. Either through this blog's comment system, a reply to the tweet, or a comment on the Floggermeister Facebook page.

I really do want to hear what you have to say.


Carl the Floggermeister


Anonymous said...

Given the options I'd use PayPal. It gives me a receipt for the transaction.

Barclays Pingit isn't available on my HTC. I wouldn't install it on the S2 as it requires the phone number to be shared.

Given my mobility, if cards weren't an option and PayPal wasn't accepted I'd probably give it a miss.

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