Wednesday 28 March 2012

And another month rolls round :)

Another month and it is time to go back to the fairs, only two this month both in London.
And for everyone coming along, we have some new items to display.

Firstly we have out "Pocket Snake" short whips.

Pocket Bluesnake
Pocket Greensnake

These whips feature a 12" tubular PVC tail, and 8 short stinging tails, black Butyl on the Greensnake, and Blue rubber cord on the Bluesnake.

Add to that the Rubber Dragontails I brought last month,

Rubber Dragontail

And the new Rubber 2 tail Tawse, Sorry about the terrible photo, but this toy really packs a wallop, 6mm thick Neoprene and a 22" total length makes for an impressive instrument. The original Tawse, made from a single strip of edged leather, split into 2 or more tongues,  was the official punishment tool in Scottish schools right into the 80's. Although it fell from favour, it wasn't actually banned until 1987. 

Scary rubber tawse

All these are better seen in the flesh, so if you see the Floggermeister banner at LFF or L.A.M, come by and see us. We are always happy to chat and answer an questions you might have :)

See you all soon.

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Been having a little play today, and came up with this.

I call it the Pocket Green Snake.

Similar to implements I have heard called pit whips. A simple braid reinforced tubular PVC single tail section is mated to 8 short rubber falls.

The handle features a French whipped handle in a contrasting green shade of PVC cord, finished with Turk's head knots, and our often featured distinctive copper butt end cap..

Something a little different to my usual canes and floggers, a new sensation and colourful too, a must for all toy bags.

If you would like to see it in the flesh, or even on the flesh, Floggermeister is popping along to Townhouse International in Birkenhead on the Wirral, as part of their Crafter Showcase features being held during their Radical Desires nights, on the 15th of March, or at LAM, LFF, or Heresy'n'Heels Manchester and Birmingham fairs which are featured on the events calendar page..

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Our first visit to the London Fetish Fair

Another month, and another new fair. So this month, where are we? We are coming to the London Fetish Fair

Come by and see us, feel the goods, have a little play with them and see there is a good ethical alternative to leather, or just to add to your existing play bag :)

If you have seen us at other fairs and events, come by say hello, it is always good to shoot the breeze with old friends and new.

Friday 2 March 2012

London Alternative Market this week

Time to head back to the big smoke again bring the unique Floggermeister brand back to the London alternative market .

Happy Birthday L.A.M, see you Sunday.