Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New products time.

Busy as ever in the workshop, today I caught up with adding new products to the website. These have been on the Fetish Fair stand for a while now, but you can now purchase them online for fast delivery from anywhere in the country and from a lot of overseas countries from around the world.

Firstly we have our Klearly Kink range of restraints.
Starting with a delightful Posture Collar 3.5" wide with a natural stiffness that does away with the need for bones and gives a more comfortable fit.

Next up is a straight 1.5" Collar ideal for showing your position in the relationship, or as an active part in bondage play.

If you like to be strapped up and tied down, we have both Wrist and Ankle cuffs available.

The wrist cuffs are 2" wide and can fit upto an 8.5" circumference wrist. A full roller buckle gives security and a D ring acts as a solid attachment point .
We supply one double trigger clip to allow you quick instant restraint straight out of the box or pair it with your favourite rope or chain for more variations.

The ankle cuffs are also 2" wide fitted with the same secure roller buckle and fit an ankle circumference of up to 10" again a D ring allows choice of attachments.

For easier movement, to allow a hobbling shuffle we have included a second trigger clip and an O ring.

If Oral restraint is your cup of tea, or just need to keep the noise down, you could try one of range of gags.

Breathable ball gag
The pink pony bit gag
The blue pony bit gag
Different people need different things from a gag.

The ball gag is considered more traditional in some BDSM circles and this example allows for breathing. It also allows drool to escape. If this isn't taken into consideration panic may set in for the wearer after extended wear periods.

Bit gags offer an alternative to the ball gag.
If the wearer has limited movement of the jaw, or doesn't like even the idea of the airway being blocked a bit gag may be an answer.

It allows the jaw to be much further closed but can limit speaking or other noise production in much the same way.

Currently available in Pink or Blue, our bit gags emulate the kind of bit used as part of a horses bridle. We use PVC hose which has a length of steel chain fed through it to add weight and strength. The hose makes this gag a lot more comfortable than a simple steel bar.

Most of our restraints are also available in Black reinforced rubber if clear isn't your thing.

Moving on from restraints, we have other new toys this month.

For Paddle lovers we have these two new options.


These new paddles are another of our recycled products. Combining a fully washable off cut of man made carpet, with off cuts of roofing rubber and our distinctive PVC cord french whipped handle grip detail, you get a choice of paddles. 

The 6" round headed paddle is great for traditional OTK spanking but also works for breast or back paddling, and works great as a warm up toy, making a great noise in the process.

The 2.5" wide straight paddle feels stiffer and gives a sharper feel. being narrower it is also ideal for genital spanking.

Both paddle designs feature a hand baseball stitched edging to the rubber and a choice of Purple, Pink or Turquoise for the French whipped grip.

If you need something sharper.
Not everyone likes the thud of the paddle. Some like a severe sharp sting. And that can be provided by a loopy.

These three implements of evil feature a Moku Hitched PVC grip with a copper handle cap. What can you expect from these?
  • The single, welts. It will mark and they will last. A very sharp sting.
  • The double, twice the welts twice the pain. Even more evil than the single.
  • The twisted. Different interesting marks giving a rope like effect to the aftermath.
New Snake in the collection
For those of you who requested more colours, we can now add the Pocket Pinksnake to the collection.

The same sharp sting you have come to expect from our snake singletail collection. You too can be pretty in pink when dishing out the punishment. 

I have been told these Pocket Snakes are one of the  most innocent looking but evil toys I make, and have to be felt to be believed. I like reviews like that.

If you are at LAM, LFF or any of the Heresy'n'Heelz events come and get some hands on time with the snake collection and see for yourself

Finally we are at our last new item, and it is a flogger, a very special flogger.

We give you the Beast.

38 tails of 3/4" wide rubber tails, 22 inches in length, with a further 10 inches of handle featuring a comfortable basket weave effect handle.

A very heavy flogger that will build it's own rhythm when swung in any pattern as long as you have room to swing it.

But if you are on the receiving end prepare to have your breath taken away.

Heavy thud plus the ability to leave marks is the standard for this flogger. A firm favourite at the fetish fairs and always in demand. This will be fantastic in your toy bag and always make you popular.

That's it for this update so until next time, see you at the fairs, on Fetlife and on Facebook.


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