Wednesday 19 December 2012

Xmas is nearly here and 2012 is nearly over :)

A very big thank you from Floggermeister

Xmas is coming around soon and as it is the season of goodwill, I want to say a big thank you for your support of Floggermeister during this last year.

Many thanks and here's hoping you and your families have an excellent Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

See you in the next one :)


Saturday 3 November 2012

Save £33!! Add all these lovely toys to your own or your Dom/Domme's collection for just £80 + £5 p&p

Christmas is the perfect time to give ourselves a well deserved treat or with only a few weeks left it's time to start dropping hints about all those goodies that we would love to find in our stockings on Christmas morn.

And what gift could be better than this gorgeous handmade French whipped collection which consists of not one but two perfectly balanced and easy to clean Floggers, one thuddy and one stingy; Two practically indestructible Delrin Canes, one 8mm and one 6mm;  A 'this will push the most hardened masochist's limits!' Bee Stinger and last but by no means least the legendary Flame Thrower Dragon Tail which was recently reviewed in Skin Two magazine by the beautiful Miss Deviant and her wonderful No1slave

Collections are available in a choice of six colours of PVC cord:  Purple, Turquoise, Pink, Green, Red and Orange.  Canes are available in either black or white Delrin.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card, PayPal, Google checkout invoice or the universally accepted method.... cash :)

We will have a selection of colours at each event and any pre orders will take about a week to make with delivery for Christmas guaranteed.

If you would like to order the collection for yourself or would like to treat someone special with this gift, you can either call us on 07798 626565 or email  We will also be taking orders at upcoming events in the run up to Christmas.  If you don't want to pay postage, just give us a call or email to place your order and we can arrange to have your order ready for collection at any of these events:

London Alternative Market  - Sunday 4th November and Sunday 2nd December
1 America Square

London Fetish Fair - Sunday 11th November and Sunday 9th December
Shillibeers, Carpenter's Mews (next to the Pleasance Theatre),
North Rd,
N7 9ER

Birmingham Alternative & Burlesque Fair - Saturday 24th November
The Birmingham Ballroom (formerly O2/Carling Academy/Hummingbird)
52-54 Dale End,
B4 7LS

Kinky Kristmas Market and Munch - The Loft Goes Underground - Tuesday, December 04, 2012 · 7:30 PM – 12:00 AM
1 (basement) Northumberland Street
Free Entry

Manchester Alternative & Burlesque Fair - Saturday 8th December
Sound Control,
New Wakefield Street (off Oxford Rd),
M1 5WH

We really look forward to seeing you soon.
For all your eco friendly kinky needs

Tuesday 18 September 2012

A couple of lovely reviews of my rubber Dragon Tails, or Art is Pain :-)

A couple of good friends of mine, the lovely Miss Deviant and her No1 Slave have been kind and generous enough to give me a review of my rubber Dragon Tail which in their honour will from now on be known as the Flame Thrower, and once you see the review, I'm sure you will be in no doubt as to why, so, from a Dominant perspective you can see, in skilled hands, this is both an effective and artistic tool.

But what about the views of a submissive :) No1 Slave gives his opinion. This slave took an Olympian feat of endurance to please his Mistress and still remained lucid enough after his aftercare to tell you what it is like to be a human art canvas.

I would like to thank them both for thinking of me when writing these reviews, and congratulate them on their artistic beauty of their session which I am very proud to have played a very small part in.

Rebekka Raynor - Hell in High Heels: Public humiliation on Edinburgh's Princes Street

Rebekka Raynor relives a memory and reaches out. If this is you perhaps you want to relive it for real :) Rebekka Raynor - Hell in High Heels: Public humiliation on Edinburgh's Princes Street

Saturday 15 September 2012

Time for a quick September roundup.

This month has been a good one, 3 successful events already under our belt, we would love to thank the teams at Skin Two North, London Alternative Market, and the London Fetish Fair for their hospitality and a warm welcome. All three very different events, and all worth a visit.

So, where from here, well we are back on home turf again on 22nd September, with Jules and the team as Heresy'n'Heelz rolls back into Sound Control just of Oxford Road in Manchester.

September starts with another Saturday event, the special once a year London Alternative Market held as part of London Fetish Weekend.

And you can add Derby the week after with another Heresy'n'Heelz and another new location for their growing circuit of fairs and performances.

And we also have a special announcement, as mentioned last time, we are able take cards using the wonderful services of iZettle, well now we can add VISA support too alongside MasterCard/AMEX and Diners Club, thanks to the amazing guys at Mpowa. These two companies have been a boon to the small fair trader, making easier and doing away with the need for expensive terminal rental. These cost the customer nothing extra on top of my normal list prices as I don't pass on the transactions fees.

For those attending the LFW London Alternative Market, we have a special give away we have planned, so make sure you pop by the stall to be sure not to miss out.

See you all out and about, and remember, we are @floggermeister on twitter, and also we have a Facebook page too :)

Thursday 6 September 2012

We can now take certain credit cards at fairs :)

Thanks to the wonderful people at iZettle we can now accept Mastercard, Diners Club, and American Express. Using a smart device, and a chip card reader, we are able to take secure authorised payment in an approved manner in minutes. So don't let a lack of cash stop you buying the toy of your dreams :)

If you see us at an event such as London Alternative Market, London Fetish Fair, any of the Heresy'n'Heelz events, oCardiff, or the London Fetish Weekend, come and ask us about paying by card.

We don't charge a surcharge for this and can take for any item greater than £1GBP.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Skin Two North 2012 is nearly here :)

Polish your latex, shine up your rubber, and cinch down those tight leather garments. Skin Two North is coming up this Saturday.

This is the North of England's premier one day event, with day time shopping and evening of entertainment and debauched dungeon time :)

So, to old friends and new, bring toys, bring your shopping lists, and bring a healthy kink attitude and enjoy what has to be the best value on the planet :)

And for the first time ever Floggermeister will be able to accept MastercardAmerican Express, & Diners Club thanks to those amazing guys at iZettle, the next generation funky credit card merchant service.

Thursday 9 August 2012

July a retrospective.

What a month for July, a great months trading with new events and locations.

Firstly, Heresy'n'Heelz brought their roadshow to Birmingham, using both floors of the Birmingham Ballroom, upstairs catering for the Burlesque, vintage and alternative crowd, and Fetish and BDSM venders taking space downstairs. Performers worked both stages at regular intervals giving customers and traders alike a great show.

Attendance for a first time event was impressive seeing a good blend of people attending both floors happily mixing, shopping, and enjoying the shows.We at Floggermeister are really looking forward to coming back and showing off all our new creations.

The second big thank you, and a fantastic review must go to out to the great people at Crimson Crowbar Studios.

This is not a fetish club, it is a photo studio with regular Kink Asylum parties which are attended by invited guests only. If you get an opportunity for an invite, accept it and attend. You will love it. We were lucky enough to be among the select few traders who have been asked to join them.

As a studio for hire, or a party venue, this place is amazing, with loads of space, a "loud room" where you can scream as much as you want, a general play area with equipment provided by Exodus UK, a medical area, and a suspension frame of industrial dimensions with 4 powered winches, it cannot fail to be popular. And there is so much room you don't need to worry about getting into anyone else's way. Lockers and showers, plus tea and coffee facilities for clients are also provided and make a nice touch as is the small comfortable lounge area.

The industrial nature of the building gives a great atmosphere, something a little different to the usually over polished over mirrored nature that some clubs give when used for Fetish/BDSM events and also makes for a great location for photo shoots when used for the "day job" as a fetish and kink film and photo studio.

We were lucky enough to be invited back in November for Kink Asylum so we will see you guys then :)

Friday 22 June 2012

How do you feel about mobile payments?

Have you installed Barclays Pingit, do you have the PayPal mobile app to make payments on the go? Or you a traditional ATM and cash, or credit card only customer?

If you attended a small market or fair type event and the trader didn't accept card payment but could take cash, or an electronic method like Pingit or PayPal, would you walk to the nearest ATM (and maybe pay a fee), use the electronic method, or just walk away and not make the purchase?

A lot of people know about PayPal for online payment, so if you ask, you never know, a trader might accept it.

And Pingit isn't just for Barclays customers. If you have a UK bank account, and a suitable phone/tablet with the right Barclays software, you can send and receive money very quickly, after going through the required setup process to confirm your phone, your address, and your bank account.

If you have any opinions on mobile payment systems, let me know. Either through this blog's comment system, a reply to the tweet, or a comment on the Floggermeister Facebook page.

I really do want to hear what you have to say.


Carl the Floggermeister

Tuesday 5 June 2012

New products time.

Busy as ever in the workshop, today I caught up with adding new products to the website. These have been on the Fetish Fair stand for a while now, but you can now purchase them online for fast delivery from anywhere in the country and from a lot of overseas countries from around the world.

Firstly we have our Klearly Kink range of restraints.
Starting with a delightful Posture Collar 3.5" wide with a natural stiffness that does away with the need for bones and gives a more comfortable fit.

Next up is a straight 1.5" Collar ideal for showing your position in the relationship, or as an active part in bondage play.

If you like to be strapped up and tied down, we have both Wrist and Ankle cuffs available.

The wrist cuffs are 2" wide and can fit upto an 8.5" circumference wrist. A full roller buckle gives security and a D ring acts as a solid attachment point .
We supply one double trigger clip to allow you quick instant restraint straight out of the box or pair it with your favourite rope or chain for more variations.

The ankle cuffs are also 2" wide fitted with the same secure roller buckle and fit an ankle circumference of up to 10" again a D ring allows choice of attachments.

For easier movement, to allow a hobbling shuffle we have included a second trigger clip and an O ring.

If Oral restraint is your cup of tea, or just need to keep the noise down, you could try one of range of gags.

Breathable ball gag
The pink pony bit gag
The blue pony bit gag
Different people need different things from a gag.

The ball gag is considered more traditional in some BDSM circles and this example allows for breathing. It also allows drool to escape. If this isn't taken into consideration panic may set in for the wearer after extended wear periods.

Bit gags offer an alternative to the ball gag.
If the wearer has limited movement of the jaw, or doesn't like even the idea of the airway being blocked a bit gag may be an answer.

It allows the jaw to be much further closed but can limit speaking or other noise production in much the same way.

Currently available in Pink or Blue, our bit gags emulate the kind of bit used as part of a horses bridle. We use PVC hose which has a length of steel chain fed through it to add weight and strength. The hose makes this gag a lot more comfortable than a simple steel bar.

Most of our restraints are also available in Black reinforced rubber if clear isn't your thing.

Moving on from restraints, we have other new toys this month.

For Paddle lovers we have these two new options.


These new paddles are another of our recycled products. Combining a fully washable off cut of man made carpet, with off cuts of roofing rubber and our distinctive PVC cord french whipped handle grip detail, you get a choice of paddles. 

The 6" round headed paddle is great for traditional OTK spanking but also works for breast or back paddling, and works great as a warm up toy, making a great noise in the process.

The 2.5" wide straight paddle feels stiffer and gives a sharper feel. being narrower it is also ideal for genital spanking.

Both paddle designs feature a hand baseball stitched edging to the rubber and a choice of Purple, Pink or Turquoise for the French whipped grip.

If you need something sharper.
Not everyone likes the thud of the paddle. Some like a severe sharp sting. And that can be provided by a loopy.

These three implements of evil feature a Moku Hitched PVC grip with a copper handle cap. What can you expect from these?
  • The single, welts. It will mark and they will last. A very sharp sting.
  • The double, twice the welts twice the pain. Even more evil than the single.
  • The twisted. Different interesting marks giving a rope like effect to the aftermath.
New Snake in the collection
For those of you who requested more colours, we can now add the Pocket Pinksnake to the collection.

The same sharp sting you have come to expect from our snake singletail collection. You too can be pretty in pink when dishing out the punishment. 

I have been told these Pocket Snakes are one of the  most innocent looking but evil toys I make, and have to be felt to be believed. I like reviews like that.

If you are at LAM, LFF or any of the Heresy'n'Heelz events come and get some hands on time with the snake collection and see for yourself

Finally we are at our last new item, and it is a flogger, a very special flogger.

We give you the Beast.

38 tails of 3/4" wide rubber tails, 22 inches in length, with a further 10 inches of handle featuring a comfortable basket weave effect handle.

A very heavy flogger that will build it's own rhythm when swung in any pattern as long as you have room to swing it.

But if you are on the receiving end prepare to have your breath taken away.

Heavy thud plus the ability to leave marks is the standard for this flogger. A firm favourite at the fetish fairs and always in demand. This will be fantastic in your toy bag and always make you popular.

That's it for this update so until next time, see you at the fairs, on Fetlife and on Facebook.

Payment made easy.

Up until now, we have been a mainly cash service when trading at Fetish Fairs and other similar events. Although we have had a few enquiries about taking card payments there hasn't been enough demand to consider taking on a merchant account along with the associated terminal rental costs.

However, as we accept PayPal through our online store, we have been able to accept PayPal from users with Tablet/Smartphones with the associated apps or access to the PayPal mobile site.

This week however, we have taken another step into the future and now accept Barclays Pingit the revolutionary new service from the high street bank. You don't even need a Barclays account to use Pingit, you can register with your own existing bank account and a mobile number with apps available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

So, now, if you are prepared ready in advance, you can buy with PayPal and Pingit with us at events, and PayPal and Google Checkout on the website.

Barclays Pingit Logo

Friday 1 June 2012

Busy month just gone and another ahead...

Time for the round up of the month to come. I'm late doing this so apologies in advance.

Sunday 3rd June sees me heading South to pervert the Jubilee weeked with @lonaltmarket for the London Alternative Market. A great opportunity to eat, drink, socialise, and learn at the workshops with the friendly team from L.A.M

Sunday 10th June isour second journey South to  @London_Fetish and the London Fetish Fair with the Hollywood Glamour theme this month, the beautiful people with be out in strength to be seen, shop and play another highly organised professional team who can be relied on to put on a spectacular event in a quirky classy environment.

Saturday 30th June sees a new event to the calendar. Originally planned for March, but postponed until June to venue issues, this month is the big launch of the Birmingham Alternative and Burlesque Fair brought to you by the amazing Heresy'n'Heelz in a bigger better and much more appropriate venue The Birmingham Ballroom (@brumballroom). We are proud to be supporting this new venue and event and looking forward to being a future events.

So another busy month on the way and looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting new people in Birmingham.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Thoughts of a Submissive: New Toys, New Pain

Thoughts of a Submissive: New Toys, New Pain: The Sir and I had the lovely @Varca and @Floggermeister to stay at the weekend. I had spoken to them regularly on Twitter, facebook and here...

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Oh Wow, that worked even better than expected.

A delivery of something I have been waiting for arrived today. 2 50 metre rolls of something very special.

I can't tell you what it is for yet, but it will be a new product line from a very funky re-purposed material. Sadly not recycled this time, but very, very upcycled.

These new items will be very special, and as far as I can tell, unique in the UK.

For those of you who are curious, they will be unveiled at this month's LAM. Prepare to be dazzled, I will be debuting them at LAM before I even put them on the web shop so be prepared for something just a little different.

If I have piqued you interest, pop by the Floggermeister stand and say hello, and ask nicely, I will show you the new toy range. 

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Another busy day in the loft.

Been busy again, a lovely friend of mine got back to me yesterday, she had been considering a flogger of mine and decided which she wanted.

I knew she was heading over to Kage Club in Bury this weekend, so I quickly built just the thing, a scaled down version of the 22" fall Beast, reduced to 24 falls rather than the normal 40, with a smaller thinner dowel core to make the handle slimmer still to suit her. She loved the standard basket weave handle, so that stayed. Tomorrow I head to the Post Office and hopefully she will have it in her hand by Friday.

I was then on a roll, itching to make something I hadn't done for while, I decided it was restraints time.
This time though with a difference, a 3.5" rubber posture collar made with 3mm thick insertion sheet rubber. Not as stiff as a neck corset, but a definite restriction to movement.

Then to follow, as I was still in a funky creative tip, a few sets of wrist and ankle cuffs in the matching rubber.

Been a while since I made some of those cuffs, and it felt good.

Photos of the collar, and cuffs will follow in a new post.

Saturday 21 April 2012

Well done Shopify.

As long term customers will know, I recently moved from eBay to a dedicated shop, this hosting is a package provided by Shopify.

Shopify is a great company to host your ecomerce site with, offering complete hosting, all ssl and payment options, from PayPal through to full credit card payment gateway, and a fully customisable layout with themes and apps to integrate into your site, and a scripting language to write your own with the appropriate skills.

Integration with Google analytics lets you see what your visitors are doing too, and where you can aid conversion.

Now, they have their own search engine, the Shopify Marketplace where you can search over 2 million products from thousands of sellers to get exactly what you need.

So, whatever you are looking for, Kink or Vanilla, check out the Shopify Marketplace and have some retail therapy fun.

Within these walls, Amazing

What an evening, what an event, what a welcome.

A big thank you must go out to the wonderful Before_Albius and DuchessV for an invitation to trade at the new event to hit York.

The Mansion Nightclub provided an amazing location with the Marquee DeSade bar being a fitting meet and greet area, and somewhere to sample the delights of the ample buffet provided to guests along with our position giving those passing a shopping opportunity.

The real special part of the place was the cellar dungeon.With an already suitably dark atmosphere, things could only get better with Dungeon Equipment UK providing an amazing selection of suitably devious and punishing kit from their base at Exodus UK.

With tunes provided by DJ Thunderkitten, tunes flowed and evolved, tempos raising and dropping to provide the just right rhythms to enjoy a scene.

Discrete curtaining meant that you didn't have to see what you didn't want to, if you were just downstairs for a coffee, or a massage from the amazing Ironshirt, who had a busy flow of customers, whether it was from taking a beating/stretching/pummeling, or just tired and strained muscles from wielding your weapon of choice.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and hope there will be many more. 
For further details of this event and other in the York UK area look here, and be prepared to add it to your regular calendar..

Thanks for the invite guys it was a special evening and honour to be there.

Who, When, Why: This month's calendar

I swear these months are getting shorter.
Seems like I write these calendar update posts daily.

This is a 3 fair month with a chance for both the North and the South to get a taste of what Floggermeister has to offer.

So, where, when? The why is obvious, promoting our own brand of guilt free, ethical kink.

A varied selection of established events catering to almost all tastes.

See you all soon for a Mad May.

Friday 6 April 2012

Another new event for the calendar. York YO1 6LJ, UK

We would love to thank the wonderful Before Albius for inviting us to Within These Walls in York. This our first event of any kind over on the other side of the Pennines, so we are especially looking forward to this one, to both trade and play.

Hope all attending enjoy the evening, it is a new one on us, but looks to be a well kept secret and a hidden gem.

Some Previous attendees say it like it is.

"A FANTASTIC NIGHT... one of the BEST venues we have seen for a long time. The underground Dungeon area is second to none that we have seen, with the most PERFECT atmosphere. You just have to go to the next party to understand what we mean." ExodusUK

Wednesday 28 March 2012

And another month rolls round :)

Another month and it is time to go back to the fairs, only two this month both in London.
And for everyone coming along, we have some new items to display.

Firstly we have out "Pocket Snake" short whips.

Pocket Bluesnake
Pocket Greensnake

These whips feature a 12" tubular PVC tail, and 8 short stinging tails, black Butyl on the Greensnake, and Blue rubber cord on the Bluesnake.

Add to that the Rubber Dragontails I brought last month,

Rubber Dragontail

And the new Rubber 2 tail Tawse, Sorry about the terrible photo, but this toy really packs a wallop, 6mm thick Neoprene and a 22" total length makes for an impressive instrument. The original Tawse, made from a single strip of edged leather, split into 2 or more tongues,  was the official punishment tool in Scottish schools right into the 80's. Although it fell from favour, it wasn't actually banned until 1987. 

Scary rubber tawse

All these are better seen in the flesh, so if you see the Floggermeister banner at LFF or L.A.M, come by and see us. We are always happy to chat and answer an questions you might have :)

See you all soon.

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Been having a little play today, and came up with this.

I call it the Pocket Green Snake.

Similar to implements I have heard called pit whips. A simple braid reinforced tubular PVC single tail section is mated to 8 short rubber falls.

The handle features a French whipped handle in a contrasting green shade of PVC cord, finished with Turk's head knots, and our often featured distinctive copper butt end cap..

Something a little different to my usual canes and floggers, a new sensation and colourful too, a must for all toy bags.

If you would like to see it in the flesh, or even on the flesh, Floggermeister is popping along to Townhouse International in Birkenhead on the Wirral, as part of their Crafter Showcase features being held during their Radical Desires nights, on the 15th of March, or at LAM, LFF, or Heresy'n'Heels Manchester and Birmingham fairs which are featured on the events calendar page..

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Our first visit to the London Fetish Fair

Another month, and another new fair. So this month, where are we? We are coming to the London Fetish Fair

Come by and see us, feel the goods, have a little play with them and see there is a good ethical alternative to leather, or just to add to your existing play bag :)

If you have seen us at other fairs and events, come by say hello, it is always good to shoot the breeze with old friends and new.

Friday 2 March 2012

London Alternative Market this week

Time to head back to the big smoke again bring the unique Floggermeister brand back to the London alternative market .

Happy Birthday L.A.M, see you Sunday.

Friday 24 February 2012

Another weekend, another fair :)

If it is the end of the month, it must be Heresy'n'Heels, and this time it is Manchester.
This is the closest we have to a home fair and always look forward to it coming round again.

Come by and see us if you are attending and have a chat. Always good to meet the people who have been following us on Twitter, or on Facebook.

I have a few new toys to show off, some of which are already in the web shop, and some which are going to be revealed exclusively at the fair.

See you all Saturday in Manchester at Soundcontrol.

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Today is the day.

Almost 1 year ago, Floggermeister started with an Ebay shop.
Since then, we have added fair trading to our sales outlets.

Today is a big day, today Floggermeister moves to it's own dedicated shopping site.
You can still find us at or when on the Floggermeister Blog, just hit the home button.

The eBay account is still open and will remain so, so that existing customers can contact me about purchases, but this is the start of a new chapter with the ability to take payment through Google checkout as well as PayPal now.

Stop by and say hi. :)

Wednesday 25 January 2012

New collection in the making.

After requests for something more colourful on one hand, and something stingy on the other, I came up with something new.

As will all my stuff, it his hand made, British and non leather so you can have fun and play with whoever you want with out having to check :)

I give you the Candy Pain collection.

You want stingy you say.
Handle details showing the french whipped handle and Turk's Head knots.

New Event Trading

Thanks to the great organising team, on the 5th of February, Floggermeister will be adding the London Alternative Market to the list of events we are trading at.

So now the calendar looks busy with Heresy'n'Heels Manchester and Birmingham on alternate months, and Swamp monthly you will be able to find me all over the country.

Just need a Scottish event, anyone know of any?

For those of you planning on saying 'hi', here are some photos of the stall, taken at the January Swamp event, just so you will recognise us :)

Shop changes coming soon.

Very soon, a change will happen.
I shall be moving away from eBay and the dreaded fees upon fees, and setting up a dedicated shop.
Don't panic, the same products you love, and some interesting new ones will take the place of honour.

And thanks to the new shop, I will be able to accept Google Checkout as well as PayPal payments.
Hope to see you soon.
The shop will be found at and I will post when it comes out of development and goes live.

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Changes to the planned calendar.

Looks like this year has had a bad start with a change to the calendar, I and my lovely lady were due to be attending Twisted Leprechaun 2012, but due to a change in circumstances, the event this year will not be happening. Sad to hear it, but there is a plan to re-run it in early 2013, good luck in getting it going next year.