Wednesday 25 April 2012

Oh Wow, that worked even better than expected.

A delivery of something I have been waiting for arrived today. 2 50 metre rolls of something very special.

I can't tell you what it is for yet, but it will be a new product line from a very funky re-purposed material. Sadly not recycled this time, but very, very upcycled.

These new items will be very special, and as far as I can tell, unique in the UK.

For those of you who are curious, they will be unveiled at this month's LAM. Prepare to be dazzled, I will be debuting them at LAM before I even put them on the web shop so be prepared for something just a little different.

If I have piqued you interest, pop by the Floggermeister stand and say hello, and ask nicely, I will show you the new toy range. 

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Another busy day in the loft.

Been busy again, a lovely friend of mine got back to me yesterday, she had been considering a flogger of mine and decided which she wanted.

I knew she was heading over to Kage Club in Bury this weekend, so I quickly built just the thing, a scaled down version of the 22" fall Beast, reduced to 24 falls rather than the normal 40, with a smaller thinner dowel core to make the handle slimmer still to suit her. She loved the standard basket weave handle, so that stayed. Tomorrow I head to the Post Office and hopefully she will have it in her hand by Friday.

I was then on a roll, itching to make something I hadn't done for while, I decided it was restraints time.
This time though with a difference, a 3.5" rubber posture collar made with 3mm thick insertion sheet rubber. Not as stiff as a neck corset, but a definite restriction to movement.

Then to follow, as I was still in a funky creative tip, a few sets of wrist and ankle cuffs in the matching rubber.

Been a while since I made some of those cuffs, and it felt good.

Photos of the collar, and cuffs will follow in a new post.

Saturday 21 April 2012

Well done Shopify.

As long term customers will know, I recently moved from eBay to a dedicated shop, this hosting is a package provided by Shopify.

Shopify is a great company to host your ecomerce site with, offering complete hosting, all ssl and payment options, from PayPal through to full credit card payment gateway, and a fully customisable layout with themes and apps to integrate into your site, and a scripting language to write your own with the appropriate skills.

Integration with Google analytics lets you see what your visitors are doing too, and where you can aid conversion.

Now, they have their own search engine, the Shopify Marketplace where you can search over 2 million products from thousands of sellers to get exactly what you need.

So, whatever you are looking for, Kink or Vanilla, check out the Shopify Marketplace and have some retail therapy fun.

Within these walls, Amazing

What an evening, what an event, what a welcome.

A big thank you must go out to the wonderful Before_Albius and DuchessV for an invitation to trade at the new event to hit York.

The Mansion Nightclub provided an amazing location with the Marquee DeSade bar being a fitting meet and greet area, and somewhere to sample the delights of the ample buffet provided to guests along with our position giving those passing a shopping opportunity.

The real special part of the place was the cellar dungeon.With an already suitably dark atmosphere, things could only get better with Dungeon Equipment UK providing an amazing selection of suitably devious and punishing kit from their base at Exodus UK.

With tunes provided by DJ Thunderkitten, tunes flowed and evolved, tempos raising and dropping to provide the just right rhythms to enjoy a scene.

Discrete curtaining meant that you didn't have to see what you didn't want to, if you were just downstairs for a coffee, or a massage from the amazing Ironshirt, who had a busy flow of customers, whether it was from taking a beating/stretching/pummeling, or just tired and strained muscles from wielding your weapon of choice.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and hope there will be many more. 
For further details of this event and other in the York UK area look here, and be prepared to add it to your regular calendar..

Thanks for the invite guys it was a special evening and honour to be there.

Who, When, Why: This month's calendar

I swear these months are getting shorter.
Seems like I write these calendar update posts daily.

This is a 3 fair month with a chance for both the North and the South to get a taste of what Floggermeister has to offer.

So, where, when? The why is obvious, promoting our own brand of guilt free, ethical kink.

A varied selection of established events catering to almost all tastes.

See you all soon for a Mad May.

Friday 6 April 2012

Another new event for the calendar. York YO1 6LJ, UK

We would love to thank the wonderful Before Albius for inviting us to Within These Walls in York. This our first event of any kind over on the other side of the Pennines, so we are especially looking forward to this one, to both trade and play.

Hope all attending enjoy the evening, it is a new one on us, but looks to be a well kept secret and a hidden gem.

Some Previous attendees say it like it is.

"A FANTASTIC NIGHT... one of the BEST venues we have seen for a long time. The underground Dungeon area is second to none that we have seen, with the most PERFECT atmosphere. You just have to go to the next party to understand what we mean." ExodusUK