Tuesday 31 January 2012

Today is the day.

Almost 1 year ago, Floggermeister started with an Ebay shop.
Since then, we have added fair trading to our sales outlets.

Today is a big day, today Floggermeister moves to it's own dedicated shopping site.
You can still find us at http://www.floggermeister.com or when on the Floggermeister Blog, just hit the home button.

The eBay account is still open and will remain so, so that existing customers can contact me about purchases, but this is the start of a new chapter with the ability to take payment through Google checkout as well as PayPal now.

Stop by and say hi. :)

Wednesday 25 January 2012

New collection in the making.

After requests for something more colourful on one hand, and something stingy on the other, I came up with something new.

As will all my stuff, it his hand made, British and non leather so you can have fun and play with whoever you want with out having to check :)

I give you the Candy Pain collection.

You want stingy you say.
Handle details showing the french whipped handle and Turk's Head knots.

New Event Trading

Thanks to the great organising team, on the 5th of February, Floggermeister will be adding the London Alternative Market to the list of events we are trading at.

So now the calendar looks busy with Heresy'n'Heels Manchester and Birmingham on alternate months, and Swamp monthly you will be able to find me all over the country.

Just need a Scottish event, anyone know of any?

For those of you planning on saying 'hi', here are some photos of the stall, taken at the January Swamp event, just so you will recognise us :)

Shop changes coming soon.

Very soon, a change will happen.
I shall be moving away from eBay and the dreaded fees upon fees, and setting up a dedicated shop.
Don't panic, the same products you love, and some interesting new ones will take the place of honour.

And thanks to the new shop, I will be able to accept Google Checkout as well as PayPal payments.
Hope to see you soon.
The shop will be found at http://www.floggermeister.com and I will post when it comes out of development and goes live.

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Changes to the planned calendar.

Looks like this year has had a bad start with a change to the calendar, I and my lovely lady were due to be attending Twisted Leprechaun 2012, but due to a change in circumstances, the event this year will not be happening. Sad to hear it, but there is a plan to re-run it in early 2013, good luck in getting it going next year.