Tuesday 24 April 2012

Another busy day in the loft.

Been busy again, a lovely friend of mine got back to me yesterday, she had been considering a flogger of mine and decided which she wanted.

I knew she was heading over to Kage Club in Bury this weekend, so I quickly built just the thing, a scaled down version of the 22" fall Beast, reduced to 24 falls rather than the normal 40, with a smaller thinner dowel core to make the handle slimmer still to suit her. She loved the standard basket weave handle, so that stayed. Tomorrow I head to the Post Office and hopefully she will have it in her hand by Friday.

I was then on a roll, itching to make something I hadn't done for while, I decided it was restraints time.
This time though with a difference, a 3.5" rubber posture collar made with 3mm thick insertion sheet rubber. Not as stiff as a neck corset, but a definite restriction to movement.

Then to follow, as I was still in a funky creative tip, a few sets of wrist and ankle cuffs in the matching rubber.

Been a while since I made some of those cuffs, and it felt good.

Photos of the collar, and cuffs will follow in a new post.


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