Saturday 21 April 2012

Within these walls, Amazing

What an evening, what an event, what a welcome.

A big thank you must go out to the wonderful Before_Albius and DuchessV for an invitation to trade at the new event to hit York.

The Mansion Nightclub provided an amazing location with the Marquee DeSade bar being a fitting meet and greet area, and somewhere to sample the delights of the ample buffet provided to guests along with our position giving those passing a shopping opportunity.

The real special part of the place was the cellar dungeon.With an already suitably dark atmosphere, things could only get better with Dungeon Equipment UK providing an amazing selection of suitably devious and punishing kit from their base at Exodus UK.

With tunes provided by DJ Thunderkitten, tunes flowed and evolved, tempos raising and dropping to provide the just right rhythms to enjoy a scene.

Discrete curtaining meant that you didn't have to see what you didn't want to, if you were just downstairs for a coffee, or a massage from the amazing Ironshirt, who had a busy flow of customers, whether it was from taking a beating/stretching/pummeling, or just tired and strained muscles from wielding your weapon of choice.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and hope there will be many more. 
For further details of this event and other in the York UK area look here, and be prepared to add it to your regular calendar..

Thanks for the invite guys it was a special evening and honour to be there.


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