Monday, 28 January 2013

This is a lovely video review from a lovely Lady and her slave.

Over the weekend, I was contacted by a friend and customer of mine. She recently requested something special that I hadn't made for anyone else yet, something which she wanted to be the first to own. She had very specific requirements. It had to be a matched pair, be pink and "Sting like a muthafucka" :)

I pride myself in being versatile and recycling where I can. If I can't recycle, I will repurpose innocent vanilla materials into something devious and twisted. As this set of toys were intended for Miss Deviant they had to be extra devious and deviant to meet her last requirement. I guess I succeeded judging by her review.

I'll let her take over from here :)

I'll update this post with a link to the product when it becomes available on the website shop :)

I'd like to really thank Miss Deviant and No1Slave her loyal and dedicated disciple for all the nice things they had to say about the reminder :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Xmas is nearly here and 2012 is nearly over :)

A very big thank you from Floggermeister

Xmas is coming around soon and as it is the season of goodwill, I want to say a big thank you for your support of Floggermeister during this last year.

Many thanks and here's hoping you and your families have an excellent Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

See you in the next one :)


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Save £33!! Add all these lovely toys to your own or your Dom/Domme's collection for just £80 + £5 p&p

Christmas is the perfect time to give ourselves a well deserved treat or with only a few weeks left it's time to start dropping hints about all those goodies that we would love to find in our stockings on Christmas morn.

And what gift could be better than this gorgeous handmade French whipped collection which consists of not one but two perfectly balanced and easy to clean Floggers, one thuddy and one stingy; Two practically indestructible Delrin Canes, one 8mm and one 6mm;  A 'this will push the most hardened masochist's limits!' Bee Stinger and last but by no means least the legendary Flame Thrower Dragon Tail which was recently reviewed in Skin Two magazine by the beautiful Miss Deviant and her wonderful No1slave

Collections are available in a choice of six colours of PVC cord:  Purple, Turquoise, Pink, Green, Red and Orange.  Canes are available in either black or white Delrin.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card, PayPal, Google checkout invoice or the universally accepted method.... cash :)

We will have a selection of colours at each event and any pre orders will take about a week to make with delivery for Christmas guaranteed.

If you would like to order the collection for yourself or would like to treat someone special with this gift, you can either call us on 07798 626565 or email  We will also be taking orders at upcoming events in the run up to Christmas.  If you don't want to pay postage, just give us a call or email to place your order and we can arrange to have your order ready for collection at any of these events:

London Alternative Market  - Sunday 4th November and Sunday 2nd December
1 America Square

London Fetish Fair - Sunday 11th November and Sunday 9th December
Shillibeers, Carpenter's Mews (next to the Pleasance Theatre),
North Rd,
N7 9ER

Birmingham Alternative & Burlesque Fair - Saturday 24th November
The Birmingham Ballroom (formerly O2/Carling Academy/Hummingbird)
52-54 Dale End,
B4 7LS

Kinky Kristmas Market and Munch - The Loft Goes Underground - Tuesday, December 04, 2012 · 7:30 PM – 12:00 AM
1 (basement) Northumberland Street
Free Entry

Manchester Alternative & Burlesque Fair - Saturday 8th December
Sound Control,
New Wakefield Street (off Oxford Rd),
M1 5WH

We really look forward to seeing you soon.
For all your eco friendly kinky needs

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A couple of lovely reviews of my rubber Dragon Tails, or Art is Pain :-)

A couple of good friends of mine, the lovely Miss Deviant and her No1 Slave have been kind and generous enough to give me a review of my rubber Dragon Tail which in their honour will from now on be known as the Flame Thrower, and once you see the review, I'm sure you will be in no doubt as to why, so, from a Dominant perspective you can see, in skilled hands, this is both an effective and artistic tool.

But what about the views of a submissive :) No1 Slave gives his opinion. This slave took an Olympian feat of endurance to please his Mistress and still remained lucid enough after his aftercare to tell you what it is like to be a human art canvas.

I would like to thank them both for thinking of me when writing these reviews, and congratulate them on their artistic beauty of their session which I am very proud to have played a very small part in.

Rebekka Raynor - Hell in High Heels: Public humiliation on Edinburgh's Princes Street

Rebekka Raynor relives a memory and reaches out. If this is you perhaps you want to relive it for real :) Rebekka Raynor - Hell in High Heels: Public humiliation on Edinburgh's Princes Street

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Time for a quick September roundup.

This month has been a good one, 3 successful events already under our belt, we would love to thank the teams at Skin Two North, London Alternative Market, and the London Fetish Fair for their hospitality and a warm welcome. All three very different events, and all worth a visit.

So, where from here, well we are back on home turf again on 22nd September, with Jules and the team as Heresy'n'Heelz rolls back into Sound Control just of Oxford Road in Manchester.

September starts with another Saturday event, the special once a year London Alternative Market held as part of London Fetish Weekend.

And you can add Derby the week after with another Heresy'n'Heelz and another new location for their growing circuit of fairs and performances.

And we also have a special announcement, as mentioned last time, we are able take cards using the wonderful services of iZettle, well now we can add VISA support too alongside MasterCard/AMEX and Diners Club, thanks to the amazing guys at Mpowa. These two companies have been a boon to the small fair trader, making easier and doing away with the need for expensive terminal rental. These cost the customer nothing extra on top of my normal list prices as I don't pass on the transactions fees.

For those attending the LFW London Alternative Market, we have a special give away we have planned, so make sure you pop by the stall to be sure not to miss out.

See you all out and about, and remember, we are @floggermeister on twitter, and also we have a Facebook page too :)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

We can now take certain credit cards at fairs :)

Thanks to the wonderful people at iZettle we can now accept Mastercard, Diners Club, and American Express. Using a smart device, and a chip card reader, we are able to take secure authorised payment in an approved manner in minutes. So don't let a lack of cash stop you buying the toy of your dreams :)

If you see us at an event such as London Alternative Market, London Fetish Fair, any of the Heresy'n'Heelz events, oCardiff, or the London Fetish Weekend, come and ask us about paying by card.

We don't charge a surcharge for this and can take for any item greater than £1GBP.